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Beers and Ciders

Beers On Now

PhotoBeer / Cider NameBreweryABVColourMore...
Langton Spin Peerless Brewery 4.4% Golden
Blackberry Porter Mauldon's Brewery 4.8% Black
Abolition Sonnet 43 Brewery 3.8% Amber
Groundhog Potbelly Brewery 5.0% Chestnut
Platinum EPA Yorkshire Heart Brewery 5.0% Pale

Ciders On Now

PhotoBeer / Cider NameBreweryABVColourMore...
Strawberry Lilley's Cider 4.0%
Pickled Parrot Lilley's Cider 6.0%
Mulled Lilley's Cider 4.0%
Apple & Blackberry Lilley's Cider 4.0%
Mango Lilley's Cider 4.0%
Gladiator Lilley's Cider 8.4%
Rhubarb Cider Lilley's Cider 4.0%
Chilli Ginger Cockeyed Cider Co 4.0%

Beers Coming Soon

PhotoBeer / Cider NameBreweryABVColourMore...
Silver Adder Mauldon's 4.2% Golden
Thoroughbred Hambleton Brewery 5.0% Pale
Red Fire Cotleigh Brewery 4.8% Copper
Old Mill Bexley Brewery 4.5% Dark
Winter Solstice 1648 Brewery 4.3% Ruby
Plum Porter Titanic 4.9% Dark Ruby
Piggin Proud Ale Potbelly Brewery 3.7% Brown

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